Our Story


Finland - Helsinki


P.I.F Corner is a Finland-based web store that aims to bring the minimalist lifestyle of the Asian and Western culture together. P.I.F Corner is our pet project then turned full-time work of the sisters Hannah and Keira.

One year ago, both of us decided to quit our full-time jobs as marketers in software companies in order to find our life goals. With a question in minds ‘how to incorporate joy and work together?’, we just knew that we wanted to work together and we wanted to find what we want to work together. Fortunately but quite trickily, as sisters, we share lots of passion and interests;) Along the way of working together and seeking, we finally found out that our passions are about food, slow life, and tableware :D No doubt. Therefore, P.I.F Corner was founded. P.I.F stands for Pastry is Fun, Party is Fun and Pet is Fun, which are the three main sources of happiness for both of us.


If you love food, you love the tableware like we do too!

Speaking of tableware and food, we believe that the tableware adds soul to our food, which brings joy to our life. We believe that the look and feel of your dishes are the joy of life that we can get easily and simply. Gathering around good food to share and create memories is simply the beauty of food and tableware. As Asians living in Finland, we wish to bring the unique and aesthetic design of Asian and Nordic tableware to everyone. We wish to bring affordable, lovely products to your table, your kitchen, your home. Keeping that mission in mind, we offer WORLDWIDE DELIVERY and FREE SHIPPING for certain countries!


Warmth. Beauty. Simplicity.Fun

On top of that, we want to pursue our mission of creating a home with more eco-friendly materials and LESS PLASTIC. Therefore, our collections mainly consist of products that are made from eco-friendly materials like wood, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain and glass.

Our products are curated around the world from affordable to luxury brands. Therefore, inconsistency and quality are unavoidable. We all are not perfect, but we really strive for improving and making our customers happy. Please send us your feedbacks before shooting bad reviews. Please be patient and understanding! We hope we can resolve issues and make you happy again :) We really hope you love our products and we love to hear your opinion! If you find some cute design or tableware, don’t be hesitate to share with us.

Love from Funland,

P.I.F Corner founders & truly food lovers